About Us

The Stripey Horse® is a collaboration between two sisters, Alisha and Sue who both have an obsession with travel, an interest in design and a love for all things in between. Our aim is to bring innovative, beautiful and functional products that inspire children and in some way bring beauty and simplicity into play time, adventure time, dinner time, bath time and bed time. 

The Stripey Horse® has a distinctly European flare, offering brands from across Europe. Our products are constantly being updated, inspired and sourced from our travels.

Whilst The Stripey Horse® carries a large range of European, American and Canadian products, we have sourced many exciting homegrown products, which support Australian artisans and designers who also share our passion for innovation and quality.

Ultimately, The Stripey Horse® only stocks what we use, would love to use or are so in love with, that we can't help but show you. No one grows out of their inner child, so we are about making you discover your inner child to bond with the children in your life.

We look forward to seeing you at The Stripey Horse® in Inglewood or at our online store.